Our Proven Process:

With close to a century of experience and over three thousand homes built or under construction, the Fieber Group has developed a highly sophisticated and successful company-wide approach to designing and developing homes. This approach has left our customers with satisfaction, value received and a sense of pride in calling a Fieber Group built house their home. The below summarizes this approach for our custom homes division. We are proud to say we utilize a very similar approach for developing speculative homes.


The concept phase begins with listening to the client’s goals and budget expectations. We glean from those discussions the client's desires and preference for architectural style. We have quality in-house design capabilities, and we recommend one of our in-house architects or recommend another architect to work on a conceptual design of the house. We have quality in-house design capabilities, and we coordinate with our in-house architects or network of architects to work on the conceptual design of the house. We are equally comfortable working with outside design professionals of our client's choosing.


During the development phase, the drawings are completed by the architect. Meetings are held with the client throughout this stage to further reflect the client's input. As plans evolve, the working drawings are sent to the appropriate engineers, landscape architect, surveyors and other professionals to complete the planning stage. The construction set is then submitted to all required government entities to facilitate approvals and permitting.

Simultaneously, our team and estimators are bidding all components of construction to multiple subcontractors, many with whom we have longstanding relationships. These bids are sent to our estimating department to ensure they are in-line with the budget and design specifications. We “level” the bids and award contracts to establish final building costs.


The pre-construction phase involves meetings with the client to establish a construction schedule and finalize all project specifications. Our goal is to meet our client's expectations in all regards. We ensure that the building process will be managed effectively and efficiently.


The construction phase is the orderly implementation of all of the planning stages that preceded it. Daily site management is performed by an experienced and skilled Job Supervisor. The Job Supervisor reviews all of the work as it is performed at the site including required inspections, quality control, and meetings with the owners to follow the progress. Job meetings are held between the Job Supervisor and the Project Manager to ensure that the schedule and level of excellence are being achieved.


Once the house is constructed the Job Supervisor, together with a Principal of the company, will initiate a final walk through with the client to ensure all aspects of the home have been completed to the client’s standards. Any remaining work items are completed as soon as practicable. An orderly transition for the client to occupy the new home is orchestrated with an orientation to the home's special features and its mechanicals.

The Fieber Group often works in concert with many notable architects.  Some of the homes in our portfolio were designed by independent architects such as Alex Kaali-Nagy, Laura Kaehler/Job Moore, Andrew Nuzzi, Ed Clemente and others.